Friday, 8 March 2013

May I Present.........

"I STILL DO" - by Ink Circles, stitched using Carries Creations "Heats On Fire"
This was started in about March or April 2009 and completed Tuesday 5th March 2013. 

All my panic about thread was for nothing as I ended up with a whole skein to spare.  This is the first quaker type design of any size I have done and though I did enjoy stitching it at the moment I never want to see another quaker design lol.  It commemorates the anniversary of our 40th Wedding. 

I am sticking with The Water Pump now for a while and then I will sort out something from my UFO box.  Most of the projects, in fact without actually looking, I think all of the projects I have in my ufo box are big ones which is probably why then have never been completed.  I have lots and lots of charts that I want to stitch but really feel that the ufo need to be completed.  Maybe a compromise would be to have a ufo and a new project on the go at the same time, mainly because I think I am going to lose heart if I make myself do the ufos before allowing a new one into the mix.

Now for a few cards for anyone who is interested. 

First is the one I have made for Mothers Day, which here in the UK is this Sunday 10th March.

this one is for my Mum's friend who is recovering from an operation on her spine.

and this is for one of Mum's carers who will be 19 later this month.  As you can see my Mum keeps me busy with card making.

this is for a young friend who has just got her first house and will be leaving home for the first time.

and lastly just three of the cards I have made for my charity. 

Finally progress is being made on my new kitchen, however the weather is holding things up at the moment.  It has been raining all day, just when my hubby was ready to cut the final work surface, which he needs to do out on the driveway where there is plenty of room.  He didnt waste the day however as I now have doors on the units at one side of the kitchen. 

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and especially to those kind enough to leave a message.  Bless you all.
May your frogs stay in their ponds.


jane said...

congratulations on your finish Helen.

RuthB said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! And that spare skein is far better than the ulcer you'd have if you came down to the last thread. :)

Trish said...

Congratulations! So how many skeins did you end up using after all?

Andrea said...

A wonderful finish, congratulations.

Christine said...

Wow Helen, ISD is just stunning, and I absolutely love the thread colour, one of my favourite overdyes.
Your cards are lovely too

Mylene said...

Looks gorgeous, congrats on the finish.
Such lovely lovely cards, great job!

Sally said...

Congratulations on a stunning finish Helen.

Gorgeous cards.