Thursday, 14 May 2009


I am going to start with a picture of the card I sent to Wendy for her birthday last Sunday

As all the cards I am making at the moment are for up and coming birthdays I cannot show you each one until the person has received them, especially as most of those who will be recieving them read my blog sometimes.

Next is Water Tiger, not a lot of progression but his second ear is beginning to take shape, if I stopped gadding about I might get more done on him but then I wouldnt be having so much fun lol.

Yesterday I went to visit with my friend Colly, lovely as I can take my stitching with me when I go there, though we do too much laughing to get a great deal done. Anyway WT is definitely not the thing to be taking when my concentration is not going to be full on so a quick scout in my WIP box and I came out with the EMS 2008 Rose Sampler. This is such a lovely one to stitch and does not need too much in the way of concentration so it was ideal. I had not touched it since November last year but I really enjoyed working on it and decided that I would join the UFO group at Crafty Natter and try to finish it. As the groups UFO day is Wednesday and I usually go to Collys on a Wednesday it also means I have a nice easy piece to take with me and I am fulfilling my UFO obligations too. Anyway this was how it was when I left it last night. I got R, S, T, U, V, W and X done so I was really pleased with my progress. Now if only the Tiger would grow so quick.
Today I took Mum up the the garden centre and we both bought some more plants for the garden. We enjoyed looking round but I had to get a wheelchair for Mum as her foot is giving her a lot of pain at the moment. This was a great concession on her part as she is a very independent lady who lives by the rule of "Use it or lose it" and she hates giving in to the pain she suffers. Unfortunately there is nothing the doctor can do apart from give her strong pain killers and she doesnt like taking them unless she really has to.
The weather has been really quite dull here and cold too but I am hoping that it will cheer up for the weekend as we have Ozzie and we were hoping to take him to Biddolph Grange. Its not somewhere he has been before, though we love the gardens there so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Thank you for all the lovely comments I am sure you know just how much they are appreciated. I am trying to keep reading blogs but unfortunately I have so many I love to follow and as fast as I read a few a few more pop up on the list so its slow going lol.
So bye until next time dear readers and friends
may your frogs stay in their ponds


Pam said...

Your Rose Sampler is beautiful. I love those colors.

Christine said...

Not far to go on the rose sampler now. It is looking gorgeous.

Teejay said...

I remember when you started Rose Sampler. It looks absolutely marvelous!

Julie said...

Rose Sampler looks gorgeous, nice card for Wendy too.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that tiger looks like a lot of work.
Nice progress on your EMS Sampler. Great idea to take something that works while you chat. We do more ripping while visiting and stitching.
Have a great week.

Ginnie said...

Your tiger will be great, can't wait to see more. Sampler is beautiful too such lovely colours in it.

Carla said...

Both wips look great!!!

jane said...

Your Rose sampler is lovely Helen and looks like it will soon be finished. Enjoy your weekend - hope the weather holds for you.

Brigitte said...

Rose Sampler is so beautiful, and so near to completion. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished, after a UFO Wednesday.
The card you did looks great.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Love the pictures of the cards. I love seeing what everyone makes though so far I'm resisting adding this art to my list of activities. Too many other projects! :-)

Rose Sampler is beautiful and you'll be done very quickly. I'm going to love seeing this one done and framed. :-)

Windy Meadow

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your Water Tiger is looking so realistic!

Rose sampler looks like its almost done!!! Keep stitching!!

Karan said...

Lovely card - the foil embellishments are really effective. WT is growing nicely & it's great to see RS again. Your Mum is as feisty as my Dad was. :0) Hope the pain in her foot eases off soon, Bless her. Hope the weather was kind & you had a lovely weekend with Ozzie. :0)

Doris said...

the card look lovely, and the tiger,is a big big work.

oh,the sampler rose,is so gorgeous.

the weather here is warm,withouth clouds,i hope the weather be better in your place, to enjoy of the flower, pant,etc.

Angela P said...

I really love the EMS sampler it looks wonderful!

Beatrice said...

I like your sampler...It won't be long now.
I sure love the tiger.

Susan said...

The Rose Sampler is gorgeous! I love the colors!

Your hand made card is beautiful.

fireflydreams said...

What a lovely card Helen.