Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Not A Lot Of Stitching - But Lots Of Pictures

As this blog is supposed to be about stitching I will start off with what stitching I have to show you, but it's not a lot. What time I have had to stitch has been mainly in the evening so its been on I still do. I frogged the orchid that I mentioned in my last post and restitched that, got some more letters done and have made a start on the first of the two big motifs - boy is that slow going. Anyway here it is.
My other hobby is card making, something I have been doing for family for a while but only recently started doing on a larger scale so that I can send them to friends too. My daughter said that I should take pictures of the cards I make so here are a few I have made recently.

This was for some friends who were celebrating an anniversary

The next one is for their grandson Harry whose birthday will be next month..

This one is just to keep in stock for an emergency

Next I have to thank everyone for the lovely comments they left on my garden pictures, so I thought I would be a little indulgent and show you some more. Many of you said that it would be a lovely place to sit and stitch but when the sun is out it is on the back garden for most of the day so I usually sit round the side of the house in my yard to stitch, and here is my stitching seat.
This is also the working area of the garden where I potter about repotting etc and though it may look clean and tidy from that angle if I show you the view from the chair you will see my pile of clutter heaped in the corner near the compost bin.
Here is a picture of the corner - the trellis here hides what we loosly call the potting shed but which is in fact the place that holds all the junk we seem to have aquired over the years - we really do need to find time to clean this out and get it back to its original usage.
The next view maybe shows it clearer
and now for some fun ones.... this is the cricket team - my mum bought these for my DH for Christmas, hes a huge cricket fan. Although its hard to imagine from this picture the rocks you see on the left hand side are my waterfall which has a really good flow of water coming down it. It comes from across the top of the rockery approximately in the middle of this picture then down the waterfall and across a little stream - which is just the other side of the cricketers and into the pond (another feature you never seem to see on garden pictures lol, but it is near the greenhouse and comes just under the lilac tree.
Lastly I thought I would show you Mrs Blackbird having her morning bath...

This is a ritual which she enjoys doing and I love to watch, it never tires me and I have been watching her have her bath for years during the summer months. I am not sure how long blackbirds live so maybe it isnt the same bird every year but its always the female and the ritual that is followed is always the same.
I am as you may have guessed well behind on the blog reading again but I do keep trying to read some and leave comments as often as I can, so please do not think I have forgotton you all. Thank you once again for reading and leaving so many lovely comments. The comments so often make me smile and I find myself leaving the house with a big grin on my face many a time from something one of you has said.
Bless you all and Hugs
may your frogs stay in their ponds.


Daffycat said...

Great photos, Helen! I especially love the garden ones. Your home is really beautiful.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Love the garden photos and thank your for sharing!

It's been raining for days here so I haven't been able to take pictures. Hopefully in a few days when everything starts drying up.

I enjoyed seeing the picture of "I Still Do" and the cards.

Windy Meadow

Rachael said...

'I still do' is growing nicely!!
Great pics Helen, your garden is full of lots of colour now.!!

Rachael said...

Sorry I forgot to add the cards are lovely!!

Christine said...

I really enjoyed my virtual tour of the garden, its beautiful. ISD is looking great too

jane said...

I Stll Do is looking great Helen and the pictures of your garden are lovely, you obviously enjoy it very much. Pretty cards too - you are a talented lady!

Mylene said...

I Still Do is looking beautiful and all those cards looks lovely. Well done!
Great pictures of your garden.

Doris said...

Lovely Garden Hellen, i like the blackbird bath.

ah,the sitiching beautiful.

Anonymous said...

ISD is looking lovely Helen, love the little birdie having her morning dip! lol

Ann T said...

ISD is looking lovely Helen, love the little birdie having her morning dip! lol

Erica said...

What a gorgeous garden you have!

Carla said...

Great stitching, Helen!
The card you made are lovely!!

CritterLady62 said...

Your garden is beautiful. What a wonderful place to sit and stitch. I really need to get out and get some of my gardening done. I just wish it would get a bit warmer.
Your cards are beautiful too. My sons would really enjoy the soccer one you made for your grandson. I hope he enjoys it.

Ranae said...

I Still Do is looking so romantic in the red.
You have such a beautiful garden and I know that is alot of hard work goes into too.
You are so creative with those cards, nice job.

Patti said...

Love all the photos Helen. The stitching looks great but I really like your cards and your garden. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Karan said...

ISD is looking fabulous Helen & your card are lovely. Great garden pics - love Momma Blackbird taking her bath. :0)

staci said...

Love your garden area...I'll join you for stitching anytime!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I just love this WIP of yours! Its fantastic. Lovely cards too.

Sally said...

Oooh nice progress Helen. It's certainly coming along well.

Lovely cards.

Julie said...

ISD looks great as does your garden.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for sharing your garden pictures. It's definitely a wonderful place, including your stitching corner. Reading is what I usually do in the garden. I also have a special corner there surrounded by nice and shady bushes.
I love your cards.