Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside.

We had snow today, nothing I know compared with what they get in some countries but for us it was major as I cannot remember the last time we had snow that settled here. Not a very good pictures but this couple were huddled up trying to shelter on top of the bird table.

First off I want to show you a finish - really it is a finish this time. Back in December I showed a picture of Off To Plough saying it was my last finish of the year. It was not until I published the picture that I realised I had not added the long stitching to it - silly me, so on Thursday I took it with me to Mums and added those missing bits.

On Friday we headed off down to Andover for me to attend the Crafty Natter get together on Saturday. While we were busy stitching my DH went off with some of the other hubbys to spend the day at a local steam railway so I think he enjoyed the day just as much as I did. The get together was great fun, there were only 9 of us there so we really got to know each other which was nice. I am not sure that a lot of stitching was achieved but we certainly had lots of laughs and good fun and we raised £22.50 for fabric for the Rainbow Childrens Hospice Quilts. We also raised £15.00 for the PTA of the school where our meeting was held.

Due to the weather forcast we wanted to set off for home early on the Sunday and so we managed to reach here for lunch time which gave me the perfect excuse to go and meet the ladies at the Hardanger group. Lots more fun and laughter there too, but then there always is with this group which is why i love going.

I had intended being very good and taking one of my WIPs with me to the meet up but at the last minute changed my mind. I had kitted up the "Be Attitudes" from Shepherds Bush, ready for my holidays so I took them with me and had fun stitching Be Calm. This should have fancy buttons but I am not sure yet what I want to add so will wait until I have them all finished. Which reminds me - Does anyone have a copy of Be Happy. I am told that this was a freeby but would love to add that to the others I am doing. I do not mind whether it is just a loan (I will take good care of it if this is the case) or if someone wants to do a swap with me for something.

Anyway here is my finished Be Calm - using colours from my stash rather than those called for.
All in all a super weekend and to top it off when I went onto the computer today it was to find that I had won, not one but two blog draws. First I have won a lovely coaster stitched by Mylene and then I have also won the draw for Chiloe's 2nd Blogoversary. I do not know yet what I will be getting from Chiloe so that is a suprise I have in store and I just love suprises. If you do not know these two blogs they are certainly both worth a visit.
Thank you to all the lovely people who visit my blogs and to the ones who comment. I am sure if you have a blog yourself you will know just how much a comment means. I know we all rush through and have a quick read and sometimes do not leave a comment (yes I have done this especially when trying to keep up with you all in this busy world) but remember if we never left a comment then no one would have the pleasure that such a small gesture gives.

Hugs to all
May your frogs stay in their ponds


Christine said...

We've got snow here too, its quite a novelty!
I like the Be Calm piece

Brigitte said...

You seem to have had a lot of fun at the get-together. I also love this very much and all the talking and chatting counts as much as the stitching.
You have two very nice finishes. Sorry, no copy of Be Happy. I have never seen a freebie by Shepherd's Bush and don't know where and how to get them.

brokenfairy said...

You didn't show me them yesterday!! LOL They look great!Did you get much more stitching done after I had gone?

Lynda said...

I love to read your blog and see your wonderful stitching! Can't help personally with the 'Be Happy', but I will ask around to see if I can find it for you.
Snow here too, but not as much as expected!
Keep warm!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a very stitcherific weekend.
Lovely finishes.

Erica said...

Your stitching is lovely! I really like Be Calm! I need to hang that up around here. (Having a bit of domestic appliance hell at the moment. Seems all the appliances are quitting at the same time)!
It is snowing here in NY today too.
We have had quite a bit this year!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Sounds like you had a good time in Andover :)

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend.

Love the two pieces that you have finished.

Angela said...

Love both of your finished pieces!

Ranae said...

Love the two finishes, esp. the plough one. Sounds like you had a terrific day

CraftyT said...

I really like your PLOUGH finish. Great job.

Go ahead dye your own fabric. It's super easy and you will love the effects. dye two or three pieces and you can play around with how each one looks.

Happy Stitching

Dani - tkdchick said...

Helen, beautiful finishes! I could live without the snow too!

Karen said...

we had snow as well , all gone now
sounds like you had a great weekend

Sally said...

Be Calm is lovely Helen. Just had a look to see if I have Be Happy but I don't. Sorry.

We had snow too but the rain came and washed it all away:(

Karan said...

Our snow has been & gone - didn't last long at all.
Love those sepia designs, they really capture the moment. Be calm is lovely - nice colours. :0)
Glad you had a good time & congrats on the two wins. :0)

Doris said...

ho poor litle birds, is so cold...

the be calm look so great, i don´t hace be happy,so sorry.

your weekend sound like a fun time!

i e joy reading your blog, is so warm and the works are beutiful.