Monday, 5 January 2009

Bids Are Now Being Accepted

As you can see the builders are now all gone on this plot. The landscapers have moved in and have I think made a promising start. There is a ball on the lawn area (the turf is still being laid), but this gives me the feeling that a doggy lover will be the right person for this plot. I must stress that this cottage is on the plot that is furthest from the Village Main Street so whoever bids for this will also need to like walking. There may at some point be a bus in the Village but at this point I have been unable to find a bus company to take this on so I would also say that the owner needs to enjoy a walk to the shop. Also there is as far as I know only one plot that has a garage so this village is not really for car owners. Colly I have reserved the plot with a garage for you and Kathy I have reserved the plot next to some water for you. All other plots are up for auction but please note there could be a year or two or three before plots are completed.

- o - o - o - o - o - o - o -

I am slowly catching up on the blog front (please be patient with me but I am trying to read and reply to a few each day). For the rest of today I will carry on with the landscaping at plot one but tomorrow I am going to get I still do out for an airing. I feel really positive at the moment that with only three major projects on the go I will see some real progress. I am amazed at how much of the village I have done in less than a week (though holidays have meant more stitching time than normal). This in part is I am sure due to the fact that I have really tried to keep away from the computer to a great extent, as I am sure that is the main reason for not getting much done this year. I come here for 5 minutes and the next thing I know is two hours have past. I am sure you will all know that feeling. I am amazed by how much stitching you have all done over the holiday period and the pictures of all your new stash make things very tempting - I have enough charts now - I have enough charts now - I have enough charts now. Do you think if I say it often enough I will really begin to belief it lol. But talking of tempting - just peep at this
isn't it beautiful, and I am sure you would agree that I am going to need that one or my life will really be incomplete.

On that note I will end for today and get some work done before lunch so that I may sit and stitch this afternoon.


may your frogs stay in their ponds


Vonna said...

I love your new cottage :) Those builders certainly were FAST! And it seems your landscapers are just as fast! Congratulations Helen!

I also saw the VS....wonderful isn't it!

Mary said...

Oh, Helen, your cottage is just amazing! I like that sampler as well...but, my closet is bulging with sampler charts already! LOL Have a great stitching day!

brokenfairy said...

That cottage does look inviting!! Not going to look at the link as you are a bad lady for trying to tempt us!! LOL
Love ya really!!

Kathy A. said...

Well, construction is well underway. That is a lovely start. Thank you for reserving me a house beside the water lol.
I saw the new chart - it is indeed stunning. I told myself I was on a stash diet too then bought Ink Circles Cirque de Carreaux - not like I have time to stitch it

Sally said...

Wow, Helen, you have made a lovely start to your village and I love the verse.

Oh yes I saw that VS sampler and looked away very quickly! Trying to have a non chart buying few months at least!

I am struggling to catch up with blogs too. In between Christmas and New Year I actually did something I have never done before. I didn't comment on any of the 165 blog posts I had in my reader. I'd never have got through them!

Rachel said...

great start on your RR! The cottage & landscaping are wonderful. Construction was so quick! *whisper - does your construction crew rent out? hehe

Brigitte said...

Oh Helen, I already love your little village. I think it becomes a very cozy place for staying. Looking forward to the next construction.

And yes I know the feeling about spending too much time on the computer. On the other hand I love all the inspiration and motivation that I get when visiting blogs.

Nicola said...

Helen, that cottage is just beautiful, may I put my name down for it please? I do hope there's room for all my stash though! LOL

I know just what you mean about the computer, it can be a big time waster. I know that if I turn mine off I tend to get far more stitching done instead of reading blogs and being tempted by all those lovely new charts out there. Talking of which, just how are you going to live if you don't get that Victoria Sampler chart? LOL

Von said...

Helen, your little cottage is so charming! Can't wait to see what the landscapers have in store. :)

The new VS sampler is a stunner all right. I'm sure one of these days I'll find that it's jumped from the shelf into my hands, and into my "collection"!

Karan said...

Now that looks like the sort of home I'd love to live in, though minus the dog but plus a cat. :0)
Yup, I can so relate to the computer thing. LOL
Oh the VS piece is stunning - so hope you're going to give in to temptation as I'd love to see that one develop. :0)

Maxine said...

Love the start you've made on your cottage, I'm looking forward to watching your neighbourhood grow :) As for that sampler I just love it and have decided I will be buying it probably for my birthday in March. The only thing that intimidates me is all the speciality stitches which I have never done!

Colette said...

Oh I have my own cottage already and with a garage, thank you so much Helen (((((((hugs)))))))
Hope you will bring this next week so that I can see it in the flesh
Hugs Colly

Cathy said...

Hello Helen
I've been meaning for a while to say Thank You for popping in now and again. Nice to see you and read your comments
I love the idea of the Village and all the different neighbourhoods - knowing you it will take a lot less time than you anticipate - oh, and you definitely ned a bus:))
Take care

Lizzy said...

What a lovely start on your village, Helen... And *The Village of My Heart* is such a lovely verse and just perfect I think! I'm still trying to decide on my theme... lots of thoughts just can't make up my mind!

Looking forward to following your progress!

stitcherw said...

Your cottage is looking wonderful. Very cute and the landscaping is coming along so nicely too. As for will power with the charts, do we ever really have enough when a cute or lovely one comes out? Good luck with the will power, but somehow I think the stashing bug will win out. :)

becca said...

Your cottage is looking great!