Monday, 27 November 2006

Vests and Things

This morning I was off to the hospital for my annual blood test. They are doing so much building at Derby City General that everything is changed everytime I go.

From there I went to my mums and we went into town to spend some of her vouchers. She celebrated her 80th birthday recently and quite a lot of people gave her M&S vouchers, which she was looking forward to spending.
We had a lovely wander round and she bought 2 blouses, a nighty, and 2 vests (lol I would call these very pretty silky garments camisoles but my Mum bless her still calls them vests). She also bought a game for my grandson (that one is off to Santa) and a couple of calenders for gifts. She wandered back to the bus whilst I followed laden with bags, but she did call in at Birds and bought me a lovely caramel cream doughnut to have with a drink back at her house. She also came back with a goodly number of vouchers still tucked away in her bag so the adventure can all be repeated again another day. I suggested she leave it till January when they would have different stock in - I am hoping the weather wont be fit to go into town then as I have thought since it will be "sale time" (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).

I took some stitching with me to Mums but it never came out of the bag so I am hoping tonight will be a nice relaxing stitching evening. Fingers crossed.

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Ish said...

Great start, looks good.
It's really nice when you see your blog grow and develop