Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Late Progess Report

I have been so busy this last couple of weeks.  Up above my head with making Christmas cards, which I love doing, but they take up so much time.  I didn't think I had made much progress at all in the last couple of weeks but I rather impressed with myself now I have seen the pictures.

I took pictures last week but never got the chance to share, so this is how I was doing back then

the front door was finished
and the Quiltmaker had a little more gown and a bit more quilt
Things are getting there slowly
the door pillers are in place and the top of the door completed and also have started the window surround so very please with how this one is going
the quilt is growing though I couldn't face any more of the blues last week.  This week I have started with the blues but I think it will only be a few rows at a time.
Well that is it for tonight my dear friends - will try and be a little bit more chatty next time but so much to do and oh so little time.

Hugs to you all

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Christine said...

Great progress on both Helen, the Hardanger House is going to be gorgeous

Julie said...

The hardanger house is lovely, I think I have this chart somewhere in my stash.

Sally said...

Lovely progress Helen. Love the look of the hardanger house.

Andrea said...

Great progress on both of your WIPS.