Monday, 20 May 2013

A New Addition

Good Morning to all my all the dear friends both old and new who are taking the time to visit. 

I have been in a real stitchy mood this week and working hard on The Water Pump so here is a picture to show you how much I have done.

It's quite a dull picture for some reason but I think I am making good progress.

As both Fairies and Water Pump are going really well I thought I would add a new addition to the mix.  Another of my wips has come out (I refuse to call them ufos as that sounds like I have given up on them, which I most certain haven't yet lol).  I fancied a change from normal cross stitch so Hardanger Everyday House is being added to my rota.  It was not the best of starts - Saturday night I did about an hour and Sunday when I looked I realised I had been using the wrong thread so I had to frog (again - my frogs are definitely not staying in their ponds).  That being said, i did not actually take long to get back to where I had been on the previous day and so I am looking forward to having a couple of hours stitching after lunch today.  I went to visit Mum this morning so now I can relax and stitch in peace. 

I have also been busy with card making this week but I cannot show you any of them as they are all for birthdays of friends and family and some of them may peek in here from time to time.  Talking of cards has reminded me that Andrea has put a papercraft tab on her blog, so that those who are not interested in cards do not have to be bothered with them.  I think this is such a sensible idea for although I try not to put too many cards on here, I do get friends who ask to see more and if they had their very own page I could put more up and stop worrying about boring those of you who are not interested.  So I am now off to play and see how to put another tab on my blog.

Sending hugs for all those who need them especially as there are a couple of my readers who I know could use a big hug at the moment.  Thanks once again to those kind people who have taken the time to leave a comment.

Edited to Add - if anyone knows how I managed to highlight half of this post and how to remove it please can you tell me lol.

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Christine said...

The water pump is looking lovely.
Looking forward to seeing the hardanger

Julie said...

This ones growing nicely.
I've not done any hardanger for a very long time, looking forward to seeing your new start.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! What a beautiful WIP!!! Lots of work in that piece!

Mylene said...

Progressing beautifully! Looking forward to see the Hardanger piece you are working. i haven't work on Hardanger for a long time...i do still have unfinished of those but just lack of time for all i want to do...

ps. is it possible to remove the verification words...

Chris said...

Beautiful stitching.. I have been looking back at all your work..
What designer is the Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden I love it and would like to buy it.

Chris xx

Sally said...

The Water Pump is just so pretty Helen. You are making lovely progress.

Andrea said...

The Water Pump is beautiful. I'm not a soft and fluffy sort of person but I do like the delicate shades in this piece.
Sorry can't help with the highlighting.
I do have some OK ideas sometimes!

Brigitte said...

I definitely love this project. It's really beautiful.
Can't help you with the highlighting, maybe it was blogger???

Sallyann said...


Beautiful stitching.
Sorry can't help with blogger, hope you fix it soon.