Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stitchy Update.

Just a very quick post tonight but I wanted to put up the pictures of my present wips as promised.

Firstly The Water Pump, by Lanarte,  though looking at the chart its real name is Garden Bounty, however I think the former describes it best and so that is what I shall continue to call it.  I have loved stitching on this one, mainly because it has been a complete change from working in just one colour, but I really must go back to my other stitching for a short while. 

Secondly this is how I Still Do, by Ink Circles is looking at the moment.  I am stitching it on 32 count, which alas is rather small for my eyes nowdays.  With a good light and my magnifier I cope but still find the eyes get tired after a while.  Again one I am really enjoying and more so as I can see the end in sight, although I am a little worried that I may not have enough thread to finish it.  For that reason I am going to leave the numbers 'till the very end so that if there is a shading difference it will not stand out so much.

My skill as a photographer is rather limited and I could not get a picture of the whole thing that was not blurred to oblivion lol.  I have got the whole width is so you can see there is not really an awful lot left to do.  One more small motif and then the rest of the number frames across the bottom, plus a bit of a twirly bit as on the right side. 

Thank you to Christine and Mary for your kind comments 

May your frogs stay in their ponds.

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Christine said...

They are both looking good Helen. I've probably said this before but I love the overdye you are using for the Ink Circles