Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Here I am again, blogging has been at the bottom of a long list of things "I need to do" or should I be more accurate and say I want to do, but unfortunately my list of wants often has to come a long way below things of more importance.

Mum has been very ill again, yet another chest infection and as they have still not been able to clear her lungs of fluid when xrays etc look clear, they are concerned about underlying problems so even more tests are staring us in the face. The trouble is some of these stretch out until August and I assume (as usually seems to happen) they will then refer for different tests so it looks like we are going to be pretty firmly grounded for a while. Well at least until our holidays in October and we were so hoping to get some time away this year seeing more of our own countryside. The annoying part is we have such beautiful weather at the moment and it would be perfect for getting the tent out and going at short notice - oh well maybe one day.

I rather lost my stitching bug too, I looked everywhere but couldn't find it so I decided that a nice big happy dance was needed to see if that would bring it out of the woodwork. With this in mind i fished out Ink Circles "Blackwork Fantasy Garden" and started a slow nightly plod, sometimes only a few stitched but little by little the end came into site and at last the longed for happy dance arrived. It did the trick too - well that and a new start lol. I know I said I was not going to have any new starts for a while but this is a long planned Sal that I am doing with my friend Moll who lives in Norway. We are going Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm at the weekends and after two weekends I can tell you I am really enjoying this.

Where are the pictures I can hear you shouting, ok ok they are here.




I have had to adjust this one as it is an American chart and they have neighbors whilst we in the UK have neighbours and with an eight year old grandson always ready to point out if granny spells things wrong its the easiest option lol. Yes my darling boy was 8 last week, how the years have flown.

I have been taking lots of pictures in the garden which though slightly neglegted is looking rather lovely with all the sunshine. I will try and get on again in a day or so and post some for you to see.

Thank you to those who have taken their time and trouble to once again reading my meanderings. Bless you all.


May your frogs stay in their ponds.


jane said...

Great finish on BFG Helen and your new starts look lovely. I hope your mum is on the mend soon and you get to spend some time out in this lovely weather we are having

Carol said...

A well deserved happy dance Helen - your Blackwork Fantasy Garden is lovely!

Sorry to hear about your Mum, I do hope she is feeling better soon!

Kathy A. said...

That is just too strange. I popped by your blog yesterday to see what you were up to and here you are posting.
I am so sorry that your mom is still struggling with her illness. Soon, I hope, things will be resolved.
Congratulations on BFG - it is stunning. I have seen it done twice and it is on my wish list.
Your new start is wonderful. Glad to see you stopping by.

Rachael said...

I did wonder when you were gonna post this finish, I do ove your colourway you used, really makes me want to have a new start

Christine said...

Good to see you back Helen, hope your mum is feeling better soon. Your BFG is stunning.

hazel said...

Nice to see you posting again Helen and so sorry to read about your Mum and do hope she is on the road to recovery soon and you can get out and enjoy this nice weather we are having.
I love BFG very interesting design.

I tried sending some photos of FatbofG this morning but had the message returned I will try again soon.

Hazel (UK)

Ann t said...

Fantasy Garden is beautiful, well done Helen

Karan said...

Lovely to see you posting again helen but so sorry to hear that your Mum has been so poorly. Must be something in the air as my FIL is in Derby hospital at the moment with fluid/lung/chest problems too. Should find out what the underlying problem is on Friday. Will send lots of healing vibes.
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Oscar.... can't believe he's 8!
Love your colours for BFG - another stunner. Two lovely new starts too. :0)

Elaine said...

Fantasy Garden is just stunning and lovely new start.
Hope your Mum is better soon.

zoomcity said...

The Blackwork Fantasy Garden is just gorgeous! Well done, and congratulations!

Sally said...

Wow your BFG is stunning Helen! Love your WIPS too.

I hope your Mum is better soon.

Susan said...

Your Blackwork Fantasy Garden is beautiful, Helen. Congratulations on your finish.

I'm sorry that your mother is ill. {{{hugs}}} to the both of you.

I'm glad that you have updated your blog - it's good to see you back!

Julie said...

Suoer finish, nice new start too.

Hope mum is soon feeling better, hospitals do take their time with these tests and that the worst part - waiting and worrying