Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello There

I am back, or too be correct I have been back almost three weeks, and this is the first opportunity I have had to visit blog land. I always seem to be so busy these days. Now don't ask me why I am so busy, the only explanation I have is that since my dear hubby retired someone has shortened the days because I am sure I used to get far more done in a day than I do now. Maybe the old addage that "life is like a toilet roll, the closer to the end the faster it goes" is true as its certainly running away from me.

We had a lovely relaxing holiday and I came home with two Almost Finishes. My blackwork house was technically finished but I just felt that it needed some chimneys to finish it off, and its still waiting for them lol. An evenings work if that but it keeps getting pushed to one side. The other I have finished and will share with you some pictures.

This is "Come and Share" by Lorri Birmingham (with a couple of slight changes by me).
The first change was the colour of the writing which I changed to pink (it was blue). The next was the word Tea was changed to Coffee as I dont drink tea. I really enjoyed stitching this and am thrilled with the finish. I had intended finishing this as a bell put but now its done I think I would rather have it framed, so it will be a while yet.

I also wanted to share a picture of Water Tiger now he has come back from the framers, and I am happy to report that my brother was thrilled with him.
I am hoping to get on here a little more often now - though I am afraid life does seem to get in the way of all my good intentions so we shall see. I have also made a pledge to myself to try and start reading the blogs again. It feels like there are so many friends out there and I have lost touch with what is going on in their lifes, so I am going to try to make amends.
Thank you to everyone who comes to visit my little world you are all very welcome and I guess if you got this far I had something of interest to say or show, at least I hope that is the reason lol.
Look forward to keeping in touch, sending hugs to those that need them, and warm wishes to you all as I finish with my little saying below my signature,

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Nicola said...

Helen, it's great to see you back, I've missed seeing your stitching. Both your finishes are wonderful, especially the tiger.

Mylene said...

Welcome back, Helen.
Love your "Come and Share" finish it looks so lovel and i am sure it will looks great finish into a bellpull. The tiger looks stunning! Congrats on both finishes.

Elaine said...

It is lovely to see you back Helen.
Your "Come and Share" piece is really pretty and the Tiger is just beautiful.

Christine said...

Welcome back Helen. Lovely to see water tiger all framed up, he is stunning. The Lorrie Birmingham sampler is very pretty too

Rachael said...

About bloody time woman!!!! LOL You know I love you really ;0)
Oh Come and Share looks great and wow look at Water tiger ...stunning.
I do hope you get round to blogging more

jane said...

Just to echo what the others have said - it's great to see you back Helen. Your Lorri Birmingham sampler is very nice and Water Tiger looks stunning now he is framed. I hope you do find the time to pop on here and let us know how you are doing

Karan said...

BIG welcome back Helen - you've been missed. :0)
Love the sweet LB piece, like your changes, & will look forward to seeing the blackwork piece. Water Tiger is stunning - perfect frame choice. :0)
ROFL @ the adage.

Erica said...

You finishes are just lovely!
The Water Tiger is just stunning!

Sally said...

Lovely to see you back Helen. Come and Share is a lovely finish and the Water Tiger is absolutely stunning.

Kathy A. said...

Oh, Helen it is nice to hear from you again. I have missed you.
What a beautiful job you did on your "coffee" sampler. Love it.
Water Tiger is just stunning framed.
Take care

Felicity said...

Very nice to see you back online. That friendship sampler is probably one of the nicest I have ever seen! Great job on both happy dances

Brigitte said...

Hi Helen, it's great to see you back and posting.
First of all congratulations on finishing Come and Share. It looks great and has so many cute details. Makes me want to pull out one of the smaller LB charts that I have in my stash and stitch it up immediately.
The tiger looks so gorgeous, particularly with the frame you chose. It's so perfect for the piece. No wonder that your brother was thrilled. You put a lot of work in it.
Looking forward to reading more of you again.

mollycaff said...

It's great to see you back in the blogging world Helen. Your stitching is lovely, as usual, and the Water Tiger really looks amazing.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Helen! Water tiger is just amazing I can't beleive you got it finished!!!!

Lovely LB HD as well!

Angela said...

Water Tiger looks great, no wonder your brother is pleased with him.

Another great finish as well.

There is no doubt about it having men at home delays things. I never seem to be able to get a clear run at the housework, for one, now my husband works from home. I've started planning my housework around the times he's out of the house at meetings as it seems to get done much quicker then.

Tracy said...

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