Saturday, 12 December 2009

Still Alive and Kicking..

In the last week or two I have had several e-mails asking if I was OK. It was lovely to know I was missed by a few people.

Well I am really sorry that I just have not had the time to blog recently. We had a fantastic holiday which exceeded all our expectations and we have bought back so many wonderful memories to add to our collection. Unfortunately a few days after our return my Mum had a really bad fall and split her nose open from top to bottom requiring 15 internal and 8 external stitches. She was also very badly bruised and shaken and it has taken a while for her to recover. Her nose is now fine and the bruises have all disappeared but her confidence is going to take a while longer. In the last month I have taken her out several times, just to shop or to the local garden centre, but she has not yet had the confidence to go out alone, and I think that will take a while. We are going to try catching the bus into Derby sometime next week, so that is another step in the right direction.

We have also had a lot of computer problems, well not the computer but the server we were with. Downloading or uploading anything was a complete nightmare and there were occassions when even a simple email could take 15 - 20 minutes to download. Somedays we could not connect to anything though the internet connection itself was strong. Enough was enough, every time we complained it would work again for a couple of days and then it was back to square one so we ended up completely changing the server and we are now back with good old BT and things (everything crossed) have been fine this last week.

I have also had my daughter very poorly as she contracted the dreaded Swine Flu virus and has been really ill with it. Both her and mum live about 10 miles away from us but unfortunately in opposite directions lol. Oh well thats life and we at least have been fit enough to cope, though there have been a number of times that I have sat down to relax in the evening and fell asleep in the chair.

I really will try and get back to my blog over the next couple of weeks and share with you some of my holiday pictures and anicdotes and also some updates on the stitching front.

I do hope everyone out there is blog land it fit and well, and for those who are not I send lots of hugs.

Take care dear friends until next time.

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


helenapastafina said...

I have read your blog without commenting for a while now...but I can't stay quiet any longer! LOL
I was really worried about you and your husband cause you never "came back" to your blog to tell of your trip! I am so sorry about your mom and your daughter...hope all is well now and....glad you're back!

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon I am glad to hear you are ok. Sorry that mom and daughter are both under the weather. Hope the healing goes quickly and well and that you are back with us soon. I MISS YOU!

jane said...

Great to see you back blogging Helen - I had been wondering but just thought you must be busy enjoying yourselves! I'm so sorry that this was not the case and hope that your mum is feeling much better now and that DD has recovered from swine flu.

Lisa said...

So glad to see you back and that you're ok, but sorry to hear you've been having a hard time of it (hugs).
Hope things improve quickly and your mum and daughter feel much better soon.
Thanks so much for the christmas card, it was a lovely surprise. Hope you have a wonderful christmas.

sarah said...

goood to see you back helen. sounds like you have had a mad few months!
hope your mum gets her confidence back soon, it must have shook her up badly.

Mylene said...

Good to see you back, Helen. So sorry to hear of your Mum's fall and your DD. Hope they both are recovering well. (((hugs)))

Cathy said...

Hello Helen
Lovely to see you back - lets hope the New year is kinder to you and your family
Take care

Rachael said...

Well I have to say it 'About bloody time Helen' LOL You know I love you really!!
see you on Sunday!

hazel said...

Good to have you back Helen, I was worried about contacting you in case you were ill or something. Hope Mum and Daughter are well soon. Hope to post a photo of Fairies at the bottom of the garden soon.
Glad you had a good holiday and look forward to seeing your photos.

Karan said...

I was going to email today as I was getting really worried about you - so relieved to see your post. :0)
So sorry your Mum has had a fall & your DD has been so ill. Sending lots of gentle (((((((((hugs))))))))) for both of them - hope they both feel much better soon.
Looking forward to seeing lots of pics & hearing all about your holiday. :0)

mollycaff said...

Nice to see you back! Sorry to hear about your Mum and DD, hope they are both recovering well.

Doris said...

I am so sorry about your mom and your daughter,i hope all is well soon. take care.

Sally said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum and daughter. I hope they are both recovering well now. {{{{hugs}}}}

Thank you so much for the lovely birthday and Christmas cards xx

Maxine said...

I am glad to hear that you had a lovely holiday. I hope your mum and daughter both feel better very very soon. It's good to have you back blogging again Helen and if I don't get back to comment I want to wish you and your family a very happy christmas and a safe, healthy and happy new year (((hugs)))

CritterLady62 said...

Sorry to hear about your mum and daughter. I pray that your mom will gain her oonfidence back quickly and that your daughter gets over the flu quickly. It is definitely an awful one. Sleep tight and take care of your priorities. We'll be here.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Hugs to you all

Brigitte said...

It's so great to see you back and to know that you were having a wonderful vacation. But sorry to hear about your mom and your daughter. I do hope that your mom has regained some strength after her fall and that everything has healed up well.
There were also some cases of swine flu at my school but nothing really bad. I hope your daughter is on the mend.
I hope you were having a cheerful Christmas and that you are enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Susan said...

I've been absent from blog land myself recently, so I've just read your post. I'm sorry that your mum had such a nasty fall. I hope she is soon more comfortable getting out on her own.

I'm sorry that your daughter has been ill, too.

I'm glad that you had a fabulous trip! I'd love to hear more about it when you have the chance!

Here's hoping 2010 is a great year for you and your family. {{{hugs}}}

Dani - tkdchick said...

Helen you have been missed!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hiya Helen,
I Have just spent an enjoyable a couple hours time looking at your blog. I love the Dinky thread color you used on LeTemps. I don't know if you can buy Dinky threads here in America. I have never heard of it before but I sure love Murray River. What a pretty variegate. I also love your Gracious Era and would love to see a picture of what it is suppose to look like when finished. I also Love the piece that is a SAL I think you called it by a Mr. somebody. The name has escaped my head at the momont...but I so love the colors. I also love your Purple Celtic Laday. You know, I thought I had the chart for the one wearing the red dress...but right now I haven't a clue as to where I put the pattern. But I so love all the purple and blues with the gold in that piece and it sure looks like a lot of work. I have done the piece with the Lady sitting down from a castle I think it was. I will have to go and find that cross stitch piece. It has been so long since I looked at it I can't remember everything in the picture.
I also went to DragonFly to see if I could get the free cross stitch that you did but I guess the pattern isn't there anymore. Anyhoo, I have added you to my favorites for I love YOur blog a whole lot. There is plenty of inspiration there for a stitcher.
Thank you for sharing .