Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cards, Cakes and Good News. (lots of pics)

First I just have to show you some pictures of my beautiful boy who celebrated his 7th birthday on Sunday. I can hardly believe that he is seven already.
..... and pictures of the cake I made for him too.

and to end his birthday theme I will share the card I made too

Have you seen my new ticker bar at the top - I am thrilled to say that my darling hubby has decided to have an early retirement and will be finishing work on the 28th August. Also on the 6th September we will have achieved 40 years together - just think we could have murdered two or three people and served less of a sentance lol. He says when he bought the wedding licence he thought he had the option to renew each year like we do for the tv, its a good job I didnt tell him beforehand that it was a one off job. We have been talking about having a holiday to celebrate both events and on Friday night he asked me to look through a travel itenary and let him know what I thought, my eyes were popping as I read and I said oh that would be fantastic if we could do it. His reply was "Good because Ive booked it today and we fly out on our Anniversary", oh I knew I married him for some good reason. We are going to New Zealand the one place in the world I have always dreamed of going. We are going to Singapore and Australia too and also either Hong Kong or Bankgog for a stop over on our return but its NZ I am so excited about.

Oh Helen come back down to earth and get on with things lol. Right another card I made was for a friend who was getting married (for the 4th time)

I also made a very pretty one for my friend Ann but silly me forgot to take a picture of that one.

And on the stitching front just a little bit more on EMS Rose Sampler to show you.
We unfortunately had another death to deal with last week as my neighbour and friend for 40 years passed away on Thursday evening after a long fought battle with cancer. May you rest in peace Anita, your family will find life hard without you and you will be missed by many.
Well thank you all for once again bearing with my ramblings and visiting my little blog, and for the lovely comments you continue to leave.
Hugs to all

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Angela said...

How exciting and how wonderful that after all this time he can still surprise you.

Love the cake, I can see that it would appeal to a 7 year old boy.

staci said...

Wow Helen, you're so talented! Cards, cakes and stitching, oh my!

What exciting news...both your hubby's retirement and your upcoming trip!

mbroider said...


I am so happy for you!! Enjoy your trip

Best Wishes

Sally said...

Helen I am so excited for you you both! Hope you have a fantastic trip!

brokenfairy said...

I did wonder if you would still have that big grin on your face!!
What a handsome chap Ozzie is!
Oh cake looks yummy!! and lovely cards as well!!.

mollycaff said...

How exciting! You holiday plans sound amazing, I bet you can't wait! LOL what a great cake!

Ginnie said...

What a lot to take in one one post, firstly what a great cake and secondly what a fantastic Anniversary holiday.... we will all look forward to seeing those photos !!

Kathy A. said...

Wow girl! So much news.
What a handsome grandson. Love that birthday cake.
Retirement - enjoy! It has it's own challenges but if you have withstood 40 years together you can handle it. Leo has been retired for 9 years now and we are in the swing.
You lucky girl - New Zealand and spots in between. I so want to go too!!!!

Ann T said...

Lovely pictures of Oscar, he's looking so grown up to the last pics I saw of him, and I would like to put in an official request to swap your husband with mine! lol

Julie said...

Belated brithday wishes to Ozzy, stunning cake and card Granny.

How exciting for you and Keith, what a lovely way to celebrate both things.

Susan said...

What cute pictures of your grandson. The birthday cake is too cute!

Your upcoming trip sounds awesome! I hope you and your husband have a fantastic anniversary trip. Congratulations to him on his soon-to-be retirement. (He has the same name as my husband!)

Natasha said...


First off happy birthday to that sweet boy of yours. The cake you made for him, that is too cute!

And congratulations on your upcoming celbrations :) Both in marriage and retirement WooooHoooo

Take Care

Tracy J said...

Your grandson is so adorable and that cake, how very cute and sweet!

Wow, 40 years together. That deserves a big celebration, enjoy your wonderful trip.

Your hubby is funny; option to renew each year, lol.

Your cards are very nice and I especially love the work you are doing on ems rose.

My condolences for your friend.

Christine said...

I love the cake you made for your grandson.
The holiday sounds fantastic, bet you can't wait

Andrea said...

A great cake and a happy little boy. :)
I'm so excited for you and DH with the celebration holiday. Make sure you charge up that camera battery, we will want to see lots of photos!
I can't go without mentioning the wonderful WIPs. Gorgeous.

jane said...

Wow Helen , what an exciting post! Lovely pics of Oscar and that cake is just marvellous! I'm so pleased for you that DH is to retire - may you enjoy a long and happy retirement together. As for the trip to NZ, I am just green with envy - it is one of the places on mine and DH's list for when we retire - enjoy it and take lots of pics just for me...lol. Have a fantastic time!!

Nicola said...

Super photos of Oscar and his cake. Your trip sounds like it's going to absolutely wonderful! Room in your case for me? (LOL)

Doris said...

my daughter is fan of Ben 10 too!
the birhtday cake is amazing, i love it.

and the card,and the stitching,you are so talented girl.
and have a good travel! with a lot of happy memories.

Maxine said...

I am a bit behind with my blog reading and since my last visit you have made lots of progress on your various wip's and the cards you make are fab! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and retirement, I look forward to seeing all your holiday pics I hope you both have an amazing time (((hugs)))

Karan said...

Hope the happier events & that wonderful holiday will help dispel some of the recent sadness Helen (((((((((hugs))))))))).
I can't believe just how grown up Ozzie suddenly looks. Love the cake & the cards. EMS is as beautiful as ever.
Hope your DH has a long & very happy retirement - enjoy! :0)

Beatrice said...

Have a wonderful time on your amazing trip.
I look forward to some pictures.

Sorry for the loss of a dear friend and neighbor.
Your stitching is looking great and the cake looks yummmmmy! Sweet little guy your grandson is!
Take care.

Colette said...

Oh my goodness what wonderful piccies of Oscar and clever clever you making that beautiful cake, I didnt realise you were so talented (she says tounge in cheek)
Helen I'm so happy for you that Kieth is retiring early, I know how much it means to you to have him around, and what a wonderful husband to book such a fabulous holiday for your anniversary I have tears in my eyes thinking of how happy you must be. Do come and see me soon and tell me just what you will be doing
hugs Colly

Cindy said...

You have a really handsome boy, Helen.
The cake you baked for him is so cute. Guess he must be overjoy with it.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Firstly belated birthday greetings to Ozzie, some lovely photos there. Your work is beautiful, well done. Lastly what a great hubby you have what a lovely surprise. I hope you both have a fantastic time - you deserve it.

Brigitte said...

This cute cake must have made Oscar's birthday extra special.
And congratulations on your husband's early retirement. I'd love to do that aswell but in my job I can't :(((
Wonderful news of your upcoming trip. Sounds terrific indeed. I bet you're excited like never ...