Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More Than A Week

Yes its been more than a week since I last spoke to you all on here, though I have been good and tried to keep up with blog reading and commenting.

Well what have I done, stitch wise not an awful lot. Last week I had my grandson for three days, on one of the days we went to Rufford Park and did an egg hunt, the eggs were mainly hidden in the trees high up and though some where easy to spot some were really difficult to see - and this is meant for children. Still we all had great fun and thats what matters. Thursday was wet so we headed to the museum in Derby. The highlight of the visit was making a Peregrin mask.
I have only had him for a couple of days this week yesterday we were hunting garden centres as I wanted some nice pot plants for the garden. Luckily Oz enjoys going to the garden centre and seems really interested in flowers and plants, maybe because its not something he does with his parents who both hate gardening and the sum total of green in their garden is some trees at the bottom and a square of lawn - the rest being hard landscaped.

I have managed a bit of stitching on Water Tiger but I thought I had better give a before and after picture to see if you could spot it lol.



I am pleased to say that I have done rather more on I Still Do

though the extra motif I added on the right hand side was such a pain - I had more frogs visiting during stitching that little thing than in all the rest put together. I was so fed up after I had finished it that I moved across to the other side and I am glad to say that went far better, two motifs and seven letters so I feel really pleased with this.
I would like to move onto the Village next but I have some things that really do need to be done and I have kept putting them off and putting them off until now I feel that I must make the effort so for the next week everything is going to be put aside whilst I get some bits out of the way.
Oz is back to school next week but we are having the dog for the week so I will still get no peace. My DS and DIL are having a lot of work done on the house and next week the plasterer is coming in for the week so we are keeping the dog out of the way, which means lots of walkies and not much stitching time - oh I am so going to cry lol.
Thanks to everyone not only for the comments on my stitching coming home but also on the good wishes for the fast recovery of my nasty cold. Thank you so much they must have worked as it seemed to go pretty quickly. It did leave me with a bit of a cough but even that seems to have abated today thank goodness.
may your frogs stay in their ponds


Angela said...

Some lovely progress there.

Sounds like your family are keeping you busy.

Maddy*Moo said...

looking gorgeous helen! I love the sampler and the tiger! Looking very nice!

Mylene said...

Good to hear you are feeling much better.

Good progress on both WIP's.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you got a lot done on that tiger!!!!

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Yes I can see progress on the tiger. You worked on his ear! :-)

Love the progress on "I Still Do". That is such a pretty project.

Glad to hear that you had a great visit with Oz and that you are feeling better.

Think of all of the wonderful exercise that you are going to get next week while dog sitting! LOL!!!

mbroider said...

I am loving the colors in the 'I Still Do' piece!! It is looking very nice too. Is it two colors or variegated floss?

Brigitte said...

Good to hear that your cold has left you for good.
I Still Do is such a gorgeous piece and you mad great progress on it. And yes, I could see the progress on the tiger, lol. Progress takes long on it as it's a lot of colour changes I think.

staci said...

Very nice stitching! Enjoy your "company" :)

Wawanna said...

Both projects are coming along nicely, every stitch you place is one stitch less to go! You have the cutest blog, it is so neat to keep up wht what you are doing with your stitching and your family. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work & have lots of fun.

Angela P said...

Both projects are looking wonderful! I love the floss color you are using in I Still Do.

Christine said...

You put the top of his head on!
ISD is looking great

Ranae said...

Beautiful progress!
Sounds like you had a nice time with your grandson

Sheilasembroidery said...

Oooo Water Tiger is going to get another ear soon! Glad to hear the cold is getting better and that you have had such fun with GS. I'm sure you'l love the 'walkies' as well.

Karan said...

Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you've been having lots of fun.... & going to get lots more exercise soon. LOL WT is growing nicely & ISD is gorgeous - am really enjoying watching it develop. :0)

Julie said...

ISD looks gorgeous, this is going to be a spectacular one. Tiger looks good too.

Von said...

Families do keep one busy and I can see that it's not going to change. Guess we wouldn't really have it any other way, right? :D Here's hoping the weather is brilliant this week so that the walks with the dog will be welcome to you both.

stitcherw said...

I think it looks like you got quite a bit of stitching in. I'm so loving your Water Tiger and watching it grow. Glad you had a good time with your grandson's visit, although all you've had going would cut into your stitching time. Seems with spring/family/work a lot of bloggers are having difficulty getting in the stitching time they'd like lately. Glad your cold is better.

Doris said...

i am glad that you feel better.

the tigger is stunning.

Patti said...

Hi Helen

I am sorry but I do not know how to get in touch with you any other way. You actually won my giveaway last week. I had to have another draw as you didn't claim it but I do have more than one copy of some of the charts (I used to sell them) so please email me at my address in my blog and claim your prize please. All I need is you name and address. lots of Love Patti xxx