Saturday, 22 November 2008

It's That Time Of Year..

When no one has much to show. I did to a little more of EMS Rose and I did start to do some knitting but suddenly I realised how near Christmas it was. Very few pressies, three stitched cards and that was about my limit so I have been busy stitching and card making in the little time I have had for these things.

I have not been too good recently, one dose of sinisitis after another and glands going up and down like yoyo's till in the end I could take no more and decided to make a doctors appointment. It's just a virus and we cannot treat a virus - I knew what to expect but I was beginning to worry in case it was not just a virus. The doctor could not have been nicer, my glands were at there very best on the day of the visit (I mean they were mega painful and very swollen). Doc admitted they were a mess and that both my throat and ears were very red and irritated looking - however she could find no sign of infection at all. She said there clearly was infection somewhere to cause the reddness, swelling and pain so decided as they may be an underlying cause of something entirely different she would give me a course of penicillian. Five days on and I feel so much better the swelling has gone, the sinusitis seems to have settled down and there is just a small amount of tenderness rather than pain in the gland area of my throat.

To top that on Tuesday I had a small op to remove a wart thing from my side. The op went well but the bleeding wouldn't stop so I came home well padded and had to go back the following day for another inspection and the dressing changed. I was told I must not wear a bra for a week until it had started to heel so I have felt a bit self consious about going anywhere this week. I should have been going to visit with my friend Colly on Wednesday but she cancelled as she was not feeling well and as I too had not been feeling well it was a relief really, even though I had been praying I would feel well as I always enjoy my days with Colly. As it turned out I would not have had much time with her anyway as I was between the doctor and the nurse for what seemed like most of the morning.

By Thursday luckily I was feeling both the benefits of the Penicillian and the bleeding had eased so we did not have to cancel the Harrogate show. I just chose a nice big baggy jumper and hoped no one would notice I had joined the "burn your bra brigade". I started off by driving but Shiona took over when it was getting a bit much for me. We had a lovely day. She saw a Dimensions kit which she fell in love with (Sandcastle Dreams) and as Mum had given me some money so I could get her something for Christmas I bought it for her - though I have told her Granny will have to send it away to Santa lol. We also got a couple of cheap kits each which we bought for the linen and the threads rather than the design, some fabric and some card making bits and bobs. I also bought myself a new pair of scissors to take to Mums as her so called needlework scissors get used for anything else that happens to need a pair of scissors. Oz cutting out, a broken nail, some string to tie a plant up - you name it and the same scissors do it all. Before taking them I will make a nice big fob to tie of them preferably with a warning about the consequences of using them for anything else (which could be murder lol).

Friday we had the Electrician come to put in a new Mother Board and he has found some problems which mean we are going to have to have the house partially rewired. Not cheap and can be a lot of mess (he has promised that he will try and keep this to a minumum but just what that means is anyones guess). This is just what we need before Christmas but at the end of the day we cannot put it off as it is potentially dangerous. At the end of the day our house is 40 years old and lots of sockets etc have been added since it was built. Even a big extension on the back which apparently has its electrics just running off the exsisting supply chain. I am just crossing everything that all the floorboards do not have to come up. Oh well such is life and as long as no one gets hurt we will cope.

I have my second blogoversary coming up on the 26th November. I would like to make a small gift for someone as a thankyou for visiting my blog and having the patients to read all my ramblings each time. Especially like now when there isnt even a pretty picture to look at.
If you leave me a comment on this blog I will draw a name out of The Hat on the 26th and will stitch a little something especially for you.

In the mean time I hope you are all having a wonderful stitchy weekend.

may your frogs stay in their ponds.


staci said...

I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. But glad to hear that things are improving and you were able to keep your plans.

Congrats on your 2nd blogaversary!!!

Teresa S. said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Sally said...

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling too good Helen. I hope you feel better soon.

Congratulations on your 2nd blogoversary. I'd love to be entered in your drawing please.

I love your new blog header! So cute!

Lisa said...

So sorry you've not been feeling well Helen, but glad you're starting to feel a little better.
I'd love to be entered for your blogaversary please.

Ranae said...

I am glad to hear you are improving and hope it stays that way. I hope the wiring goes well, that must be a pain in the butt.
Congratulations! on your 2nd blogoversary, please enter me. Visit me for my drawing I have going on.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

And isn't it fun when life gets "Interesting"? Ask me about our garage doors, no better not... :-)

If I win your drawing, don't stitch anything for me. I would like for you to sit down for an hour and just stitch for yourself! :-)

Windy Meadow

Stitch Wizard said...

Oh Helen, I am so sorry you have been so miserable with your sinuses and your little surgery that you had! Wow that can just make you so miserable and I hope by now you are feeling lots better! I had to go into the hospital last week for what was supposed to be a stent, but when he did an angiogram, he said I was as good as last year with no more blockage in this one artery so I got to come home. What happens to us when we get older? My knee is killing me tonight after shopping. Thank you for stopping into my blog and I love yours! The bird at the top is sooooooo cute! Debby :)

Kendra said...

Congrats on your impending Blogoversary! I'd love to be entered in your drawing.

Bliss said...

Please accept my early congratulations for your blog anniversary. This blogging stuff is a lovely 'connection' with people who have similar interests.
Thanx for stopping by my blog so regularly. It seems that lately it's all been whine and rose thorns, doesn't it? I hope the sparkie is reasonably priced and tidy, that the wee wound heals quickly and that you feel uplifted, literally and figuratively speaking (((hugs))).

jane said...

Hi Helen, I have been wondering if you were OK, hope you are on the mend now. I know how miserable sinusitis can be. Hope the work on the house is not too disruptive and doesn't stop you
I would love to be included in your draw okease,

Ann T said...

Happy Blogoversary! good to hear you are feeling better.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Harrogate sounded as if it did you the world of good, a little retail therapy. My aunt (my dad'd cousin really!) had bronchitis a couple of weeks before we went to the NEC. At the beginning of the week she didn't think she would be going but she was determined so by Saturday she was up and ready to go.
Hop the work on the house goes OK. Take care.

icelandmom said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Hope you are feeling a lot better by now. Happy blogoversary to you, I'd love to enter the giveaway. Have a wonderful day!

Christine said...

Christmas does have a habit of sneaking up on you doesn't it?
Sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you are feeling much better now

Lindylou said...

Hi Helen

Glad you are starting to feel better....

On the electrics front.... about five years ago our electric meter completely melted and we had to have a new one fitted.... then we hade the whole house rewired... the rewiring was messy but needed doing. The meter melting was very scary.

Take care and big hugs


Julie said...

Hope you are soon feeling 100% Helen, theres a lot of bugs about, i'd love to be able to go somewhere without the box if tissues in tow LOL

Marita said...

I hope you are feeling 100% again soon.

I don't like even leaving my bedroom in the morning without a bra on. It is my armour that helps keep me safe through the day.

Margaret said...

You poor thing. But I am pleased you got to Harrogate and found some things you liked. Hope the new electrics go smoothly and don't cause too much disruption.
And best wishes for your blogaversary. Two years!!! Well done.

Beatrice said...

Hi Helen,Happy Blogaversary.
I'm glad things are getting better for you. I had to laugh about the bra burning. I would love to do that permanently..lololol!
You've had a busy time of it.
About the question you asked me...
Yes a Barber here does Men's hair only.
I am a hairdresser by trade but switch when a job came up in a barbershop 25 years ago. I applied and never looked back. I loved working with men only. The license covers both I started when I was 16 and did a few other things in the mean time when I started Barbering I was trained by my boss who was a very good barber from Italy, we worked together for 20 years. He passed away and the shop was sold I stayed on and worked for another 4 years and am now completely retired [Family only]
Men are much more know what I!
Have a good week!

LyndawithaY said...

So sorry to hear youy have been feeling unwell - and the electrics on top of it must make you feel worse. Lets hope it all gets done quickly and smoothly.
Would love to be entered in to your draw.
Take care, and happy stitching!

Colette said...

Hi Helen, I know I havent been reading your blog for long but I really do enjoy it. I was sorry we had to cancel our day together but I'm sure the next one will be lovely and I'm looking forward to it.
Hope you are healing well now.
Hugs Colly

stitcherw said...

My you've a lot going on. With all the activity with the upcoming holidays, scheduling the electrician and such, what rotton timing to get ill to. I'm glad the antibiotic seems to be helping. Hopefully it will be totally cleared up and your side healed soon. Sounds like you had a fun trip to the show, and how great that Shiona found a kit that she fell in love with. Take care of yourself,

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.