Tuesday, 21 October 2008

This & That...

Sunday Night I had intended starting one of my small secret stitches but unfortunately the chart was small too and my tired old eyes need it big so I had to wait until hubby could get it enlarged for me. Instead I decided to finish the bottom on Heirloom Christmas, but by the end of the evening I hated what I had done, it looked to my mind untidy and overly fussy. Whether I was fussing on this when I went to bed I dont know but I just could not settle so ended up getting back out of bed and frogging what I had spent the evening stitching. I then decided that as I am a plain simple girl and thats the way I like things to just do the bottom section with plain woven bars, I was so much more content with the results. As that was the last of the main stitching I had been going to move back to the top and start adding the embellishments but unfortunately Monday morning I ended up feeling like something that had been kicked by a donkey. Yes having been up stitching all night I was tired but it was more than that. Every bone ached, my throat was swollen and sore and I ended up spending most of the day asleep. You would think after that then I would be awake all night again but no I slept for England and didn't wake until just after 9 this morning.

My throat has certainly gone down though its still a little sore and i definitely do not ache like I did. I was not really in a stitchy mood though so I have had a fun day, making cards (which I cannot show) and finishing off both winter whites (above) and the Friendship sampler Ann made me a while back. I did them both with the large pinkeep type finish which I must admit I am rather fond of.

I am rather pleased with this one. I tried to show you how I do the back for hanging but its not shown up very well. Maybe if you click it you will see better. I like this concealed way of hanging them.
Well hubby got my chart sorted out for me so I am going to sort the threads out and make a start on that tonight. Once that and another little item are stitched then I will definitely be back to Heirloom Christmas, I can't wait to start on embellishing it now, though what the ribbon roses will turn out like is anyones guess despite doing lots of practice ones.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on Winter Whites and I am glad the instructions for the pin head start were helpful. I struggled with this a little at the start but once you get into it then its just so easy, saves on thread and helps the back of your work look neater too.
may your frogs stay in their ponds


Ginnie said...

This looks really pretty. Hope you get your chart enlarged soon so you can stitch your small secret stitches!

Kathy A. said...

Your winter white is just lovely. Your Heirloom christmas is even more lovely than before. Hope your new pattern is workable. Take care my friend.

vEr0n!c@ said...

All your finishings are lovely. I like the hidden hanging at the back of your pinkeep. Heirloom Christmas is gonna look gorgeous once you have all the embellishments attached.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
HC looks stunning. Nice finishing on the other two pieces too.
Are they split pins in the back of the Friendship sampler top make the hidden hanger?

becca said...

Hope you are feeling better! Your Heirloom Christmas is stunning. very very pretty!

Ann T said...

Lovely finishing Helen, you will have to start taking orders!

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Sally said...

HC looks gorgeous Helen. You have more patience than me with hardanger.

Winter Whites and the friendship piece look lovely the way you've finishe them.

Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

Anonymous said...

i hope you are feeling better sorry to hear that you have been ill. i love all your works and the concealed hanging is a neat idea. your picts are all lovely well done

Cyn said...


Hope you are feeling better!

Love the two pinkeeps! Great finishes. :-)

Windy Meadow

Mylene said...

Great pinkeeps and your Heirloom Christmas is looking beautiful.

Hope you do feel better by now.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful job Helen!

By the way you won my blogiversary draw (back in September). I left a comment asking for your snail mail addy, but never got it.

Can you e-mail me at tkd _ chick at hotmail dot com with your snail mail addy!

Karan said...

Oh no, not you too Helen. Hope you're feeling much better soon (((((hugs))))).
WW is lovely & you've finished both pieces beautifully - enjoy a gentle HD. :0)
HC looks lovely too, glad you got it how you want it. :0)

Andrea said...

Your finishes are lovely. Great way to hang them up too.

Lisa said...

Heirloom Christmas is gorgeous, I have this in my stash but am too scared to start it lol.
The pinkeeps are stunning too, I especially love how you finished Winter Whites, you're very clever.

Angela said...

Some beautiful finishes there.

Lana said...

Love the finishes, very beautiful! Hope you are feeling better soon!

stitcherw said...

Christmas is looking gorgeous. Sorry that the one section was so frustrating, but I'm glad you were able to find something more to your liking. Your two finishes look wonderful as well, I love Winter Whites especially. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Beatrice said...

Boy your pieces are looking beautiful.
I hope you are feeling better soon.