Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I'm Back

Have been back a couple of days but this is the first chance I have got to update my blog. We had a wonderful holiday and I shall post some pics in a day or two.

For now here is my holiday stitching, not quite finished on holiday but I sat on Sunday evening and did the last wee bit.

Its Classic Embroideries, Amber.
On Monday I started Queen Of The Needle as a SAL with Sally. I started it on a Dusky Pink Linen which was a lovely colour but stitching with a perle #8 thread on an uneven fabric was hell so I unpicked it and chose another fabric from my stock - Polstitches Pearl. This is a little lighter than I would have liked but I was so eager to get on I did not want to wait to order something else and I think it will be fine. I had almost completed the first corner when I realised I had made a mistake and had to frog quite a bit. At that point I decided to give up for this week, I dont know what it was (maybe the jet lag) but I just could not seem to concentrate so best to put it away and I shall look forward to getting it finished next week. Im looking forward to hearing how Sally got on.
Not a very clear picture but best I seemed able to get.

The last thing I have to share with you is something I stitched before the holidays and it was a little pinkeep and fob I did for Edda for her belated birthday gift as I was in hospital and missed her birthday completely. I am sure I took a picture of this but cant find it anywhere so I have pinched the picture that Edda put on her blog (I'm sure she won't mind).

I really enjoyed stitching this one. The pinkeep is from Elizabeth Designs and the fob was just one of my designs I made to match the pinkeep.


Sally said...

Welcome back Helen:) Love your holiday stitching.

You've made a lovely start on Queen. Love the fabby you're using. I've got a bit more done but I didn't have to frog!

Edda's gift is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Amber is just beautiful! What a shame about that frogging on Queen.

Anonymous said...

I stitched queen of the Needle a few months back. I was not satisfied that the lovely white curly q motif corners were barely visible. I'm thinking about stitching it all over again.

Carla said...

Your back and with a finish!!! Amber is beautiful!
The pinkeep and fob you made for your friend are BEAUTIFUL!!

Karan said...

Welcome back Helen! Nice finish - very effective with so few colours.
Look forward to seeing more updates on QotN & hope the frogs stay away now.
Lucky Edda too, they're lovely gifts. :0)

Ann T said...

Amber is a lovely finish Helen, bet Edda was chuffed with her pinkeep and fob.

jane said...

good to have you back Helen,your holiday stitching is lovely and the gift for Edda is just beautiful.
Look forward to seeing your progress on Queen of the Needle.

Christine said...

Hi Helen,
Didn't realise you were back till I saw your post on my blog. Hope you had a great time.
Your Art Nouveau lady is beatiful.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Gald you had a great holiday - I could do with one of those LOL

Amber is beautiful!

Julie said...

Welcome back Helen, we missed you. Amber looks wonderful, a fab finish, and i love your gift to Edda, i've stitched that design a few times myself. JN looks good too, sorry you had to start again, i'm going to enjoy watching this one growing each week

Anonymous said...

I love your 1920s lady. She is so stylish.

Karen said...

welcome back , nice holiday stitching , the gift you stitched is lovely

Jaimie said...

Beautiful work! I love the pinkeep!