Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Well here I am again and doesn't time fly. We had a wonderful week in Turkey but it seems so long ago now, made worse by the miserable weather here. Im sorry Kathy, no pictures as they are all on hubbys computer but I will see if he will post some over to mine for me (lol if I remember). We enjoyed Marmaris very much and walked a lot, our favourite walk was along the coast to Icmela which is much smaller than Marmaris and very pretty. Luckily we are not beach people because the sunbeds were rather tightly packed at both resorts and if I was going to spend time on the beach I would hate that.

Holiday stitching was LHN's "School of Needlework" and this is what it was like on my return from holiday.

I was unhappy with the way the brown of the 2nd girls dress merged with the brown of the chair and all looked the same, so I unpicked and restitched it in a dusky pink/plum colour which shows up far better. Honest it does in real life even though it doesnt appear to on this picture.

I was enjoying stitching on this so decided to stick with it and last night I finished it. There are you may notice a few slight changes lol.

I have now gone back to Country Bloomers as that is close to being finished and will return to ISD next. I know I ought to be working on that but there is no chance on this earth that it will be finished before September so I decided another finish might cheer me up more.

Only one card to show you this time. It is one I made for a friend in the USA who has recently become a Grandma (I'm not allowed to call her Granny lol) for the first time. Guess you might realise she had a little Grand-daughter when you see this card as its very girly.

I am hoping the weather picks up for the weekend as its the Erewash Show at our local park and Oscar loves us to take him, but no way am I paddling round muddy fields for anyone.

Its now almost 10pm so I am off to stitch and watch a little TV before getting my beauty sleep. Thank you to anyone who has dropped in to read my ramblings and as always to the lovely friends who are kind enough to leave me comments.

Goodnight and hugs,

May your frogs stay in their ponds.